KaDeWe - Spring 2018



There are beauty products that are so decorative that they are on display in the bathroom, and others that you prefer to keep locked behind closed doors. The Perfect V products belong to the first category - even though they are intended for intimate hygiene. The slim cream tubes in rose and gold contain a product that stands out from similar offers in their line striking. "Traditional manufacturers focus on intimate problems, such as solutions to skin irritation after hair removal or unpleasant odors," says entrepreneur Avonda Urben. She wants to nurture and pamper sensitive skin quite fundamentally.
"We spend so much time caring for the face and so little on our body," she says. Inspired by BB Creams, which consist of several components, she came up with the idea to develop an analog VV Cream that heals as well as nourishes and beautifies. The program includes a scrub, a washing cream and refreshing towels. A new name for the bikini line is on top. Urben has baptized her simply and aptly "V". The native New Yorker attaches particular importance to the ingredients, many of which come from her new home in Denmark: "When I was a duke, I was enthusiastic about Scandinavian cuisine, she uses so many berries." That these are also excellent for skincare
she knew from her many years of work in the beauty industry, including Revlon and L'Oréal. Now, elderberry, blueberry and rosehip from the north are an integral part of the perfume-free and skin-friendly products that she has developed along with a lab for intimate care. Combined with the typical Danish packaging aesthetic, The Perfect V finally conveys a bit of the mood of Urben's adoptive Copenhagen - relaxed, sunny and close to the Baltic Sea. "I want women to feel completely comfortable in their bodies," says Urben. "Not to please others, just for yourself."
THE PERFECT V »Very V«, Intimate Cream,
50 ml, 59,50 Euro, ground floor