Lillie Gitte Østergaard, Cosmetologist, Aesthetician & Owner of DollFace Beauty Clinic in Copenhagen. 
 Lillie is the owner of DOLLFACE Beauty Klinic in Copenhagen, Denmark.  She shot to popularity when she was the first to bring the "Brazilian Wax" to Copenhagen and named it 'Byens Bedste Brazil' ('Brazil Wax' in English).  Her personal attention to her clients has helped her amass a vast and loyal following. Lillie is the author of two books on skincare & beauty: "Skandinavisk Skønhed" & "Din Skønhed". She is frequently interviewed by major Scandinavian publications because of her expertise in beauty. 

Lillie was the first aesthetician to offer the new beauty treatment, the VANICURE, beauty treatment for the V. She worked with the founder of The Perfect V in developing this new beauty treatment.  It’s a beauty treatment for the hips, the inside of the thighs, the top of the V, the stomach - everywhere that a woman wants to look great and until now has been neglected. 


Dr. Daria A. Klachko, OB/GYN

Dr. Daria A. Klachko, OB/GYN

I am an obstetrician/gynecologist and have taken care of women for over 20 years. I have noticed that now, more than ever, a large percentage of women have been more focused on keeping their "bikini area" more groomed. Many women shave, wax or use depilatories in the bikini region which gets the job done removing unwanted hair, but often times leaves this very sensitive skin irritated, bumpy and raw. This can be very distressing.  The Perfect V is a new skin care line that focuses just on this area of a women's body. The line includes mild cleansers, exfoliants and creams that can help reduce these unwanted reactions and help soothe the skin. The line also includes a luminizer, serum and a naturally scented mist for further pampering of this very delicate region of a woman's body. I have been using the product myself and I love it!  -  Dr. Daria A. Klachko, OB/GYN


Avonda Nelson Urben, Founder The Perfect V


“The Perfect V name - every V is already perfect. Our line is just the feeling you get when you use the products - taking care of your skincare needs - makes you feel well, perfect!” - Avonda Nelson Urben, Founder The Perfect V