Beauty For The V

Manicure, pedicure and now.... VANICURE™.

The days of neglect and lack of a proper line of pampering products for the V is now over. The Perfect V introduces a complete line of luxury skincare products designed especially for the bikini area - treating that area like we do for every other part of the body.

VANICURE is the Beauty Regimen for the V

PRODUCT VIDEOS: A brief introduction to The Perfect V line of luxury skincare products.


The Perfect V - Gentle Wash / Beauty Sheets

Step 1

Gentle Wash
Cleanses, Tones and Refreshes
Use Every Day

Step 2

Beauty Sheets
Cleanses, Refreshes and Pampers
Perfect for on-the-go; use any time

Step 3 - V V Gentle Exfoliator

• Exfoliates, Refines, Renews
• Use 1-2x a week

Step 4 - V V Serum

• Rejuvenates, Revitalizes, Firms
• Use every day before your V V Cream or when you have time for extra pampering

Step 5 - V V Cream

• Hydrates, Smooths, Perfects
• Use every day after the V V Serum or use the Serum periodically and use the V V Cream after the V V Gentle Wash

Step 5 - V V Cream Intensive

• Calms, Soothes, Conditions
• Use this Cream if you are prone to red bumps and/or in-grown hairs)
• Use every day after the V V Serum or use the Serum periodically and use the VV Cream Intensive after the VV Gentle Wash

Step 6 - V V Beauty Mist

• Refresh, Revitalize, Re-invigorate
• Use this Mist after you shower and throughout the day and night.

Step 7 - Shades of V Luminizer

• Highlights, Softens, Illuminates
• Add a soft glow to the V and all-over
• Use this as part of your daily routine and/or perfect for when you want a special glow