About The Perfect V

Handle Down There With Care
The Perfect V is a full-range, premium skincare line made for your most intimate parts. The vulva and the “V” - that patch we wax, shave or pluck - have unique needs a bottle of body wash just can’t handle. Our products offer essential care for your parts down there, while also addressing dullness, hyperpigmentation, ingrown hair and more. Fragrance-free* formulas made from pure, potent, Scandinavian-sourced ingredients keep the integrity of your skin’s natural protective barrier and pH balance intact, for skin that’s healthy, comfortable and soft to the touch. 
*The V V Beauty Mist uses natural fragrance.
Our V. Gentle Guarantee
With gentleness top-of-mind, we’re both dermatologist and gynecologist vetted. And because we’re made in Europe, we meet the EU’s strict standards banning 1300+ harmful chemicals from ever appearing on our ingredients list, including alcohol, parabens and sulfates.