The V is the bikini area where we groom - shave, wax, sugar, laser, use creams or just trim

This kit features a full size VV Beauty Mist and 5 VV Beauty Sheets for freshness on the go, VV Cream™ for hydrating and helping to prevent in-grown hairs and Shades of V™ Luminizer for added softness and a soft glow for radiant skin.

  1. VV Cream™: Use daily, Moisturize and conditions skin (30ml)
  2. Shades of V™ Luminizer: Highlights, Brightens and Softens skin, special Luminous glow  (30ml)
  3. VV Beauty Mist: Hydrates and refreshes the delicate skin  (Full Size - 30ml)
  4. Five (5) VV Beauty Sheets Cleanses and Refreshes, perfect for on the go

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