Sexual Wellness Essentials

Sexual Wellness Essentials

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Sexual Wellness Essentials

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Refresh & Revitalize perfect for home and on the go!

Bundle includes our Shades of V® Luminizer and VV Beauty Sheets.

Shade of V® Luminizer 

Get a radiant, light-filtered look with a skin-softening luminizer gentle enough for the bikini area.

Every part of your body deserves to glow, that's why we made Shades of V Luminizer. Safe, gentle ingredients like Scandinavian-sourced Lingonberry and Sprout Extract support elasticity and even skin tone. Can be used on the rest of your body, too.

How to use:
Apply a small drop to clean skin for a subtle, luminous glow. 

VV Beauty Sheets

Cleanse and refresh from anywhere with ease, convenience and discretion.

Made from soft, biodegradable fiber infused with pH-balanced, natural ingredients that won't compromise the delicate skin of your bikini line and vulva. Generously sized to clean all the nooks and curves from The V to derrière. Great for the gym, before and after sex and to prep and soothe skin before and after hair removal.

How to use: Unfold the Beauty Sheet and gently wipe the skin around the bikini line and vulva. Use a front-to-back motion when cleansing the vulva.  

Our V. Gentle Promise

Clean, cruelty free, dermatologist and gynecologist vetted, we keep gentle care top-of-mind. You won't find alcohol, parabens or sulfates in any of our products; what you will find are fragrance-free* formulas made from Scandinavian-sourced, plant-based ingredients that respect the integrity of your skin’s natural protective barrier and pH balance.

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