In-Grown Hair Prevent & Treat

In-Grown Hair Prevent & Treat

In-Grown Hair Prevent & Treat

Bundle includes our VV Cream® Exfoliator, VV Cream® intensive

Value: $82
Special Offer: $70

The first and only exfoliator developed for the delicate skin of the bikini line.

Refine skin tone and texture while easing ingrown hairs with naturally occurring AHAs and soft exfoliant beads. Dull skin cells are gently swept away, revealing a fresh, glowing V. Use regularly between hair removal treatments for healthier skin and more comfortable regrowth.

How to Use: Apply to dampened skin in small, circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. Use 2-3 times week as the second step of your Vanicure™.

A calming, soothing treatment for those with sensitive, irritated bikini area skin.

A more intensive treatment than our V V Cream®, but just as gentle and quick-absorbing. Conditions your skin and hair before hair removal and relieves irritation after. Regular use also encourages smoother, softer, easier regrowth. If your V is prone to ingrown hairs or angry red bumps, then this product is for you.

How to use: Lightly towel dry The V and apply a small drop of V V Cream® Intensive to skin and hair.

Clean, cruelty free, dermatologist and gynecologist vetted, we keep gentle care top-of-mind. You won't find alcohol, parabens or sulfates in any of our products; what you will find are fragrance-free* formulas made from Scandinavian-sourced, plant-based ingredients that respect the integrity of your skin’s natural protective barrier and pH balance.

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